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27ºNorth periodically publishes commentaries, opinions and thought leadership pieces regarding workable solutions to the obesity crisis and how food corporations can improve their profits and market position by proactively capitalizing on the opportunities presented in solving this problem. Our most recent publications are listed below.

Government Policy Won’t Fix Obesity. Soda taxes and other levies on fatty foods serve only one purpose: to raise money for the government. A better approach is to mobilize the most vested party into action: the food industry. Read Commentary

Is Big Food the Next Detroit? Is it déjà vu all over again? Can out-of-synch products, resistance to change and misreading of the regulatory climate in Washington relegate the food industry to the same plight as the American automakers? Read Commentary

Rx for Obesity: Fatter Food Company Profits – 27ºNorth founder Hank Cardello counters the Wall Street Journal CEO Council position that education is the key to solving the obesity crisis. Cardello highlights why food corporations are the only ones who can fix the problem and how they can go about making a profit doing so. Read Commentary

Chew On This, Big Brother – Hank Cardello identifies how government is overstepping its bounds and wreaking havoc regarding potential solutions to the obesity crisis. The founder of 27ºNorth calls for the right kind of government involvement that steps back from penalizing food companies while holding them accountable to improve their customer’s well-being. Read Commentary

Stealth Health: A Modest Proposal for a Healthier National Diet – 27ºNorth’s Hank Cardello proposes that in order to make healthier versions of the most popular foods and beverages like sweetened beverages, French fries and fried chicken, recipes must be silently changed. This avoids the perception that healthy can’t taste great. Examples of how to deploy stealth health are provided. Read Commentary

Life Cereal Lessons – An essay on how healthier mainstream food and beverage brands are quietly being marketed effectively. Examples of corporate actions taken to improve the health profile of their offerings are given. Read Commentary

The Law of Unintended Food Consequences – 27ºNorth principal Hank Cardello identifies that seemingly good solutions by regulators to improve consumer’s health often leads to worse problems. Case in point: the banning of trans fats. The potential for higher rates of diabetes is raised along with the fact that there will be no positive impact on alleviating obesity. Read Commentary

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