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U.S. News & World Report interview (2/19/10) – Hank Cardello offers industry and policy solutions to the nation’s overweight and obesity crisis in an article titled “Stuffed Suggests How the Food Industry Can Battle Obesity.” Read

New York Times Commentary (2/5/10) – Hank Cardello opines that nutrition labels are not enough to solve obesity. He advances the proposal to incent food companies to lower the amount of calories they sell rather than taxing them. Read

New York Times Letter to the Editor (9/12/09) - Hank Cardello responds to op-ed piece titled “Putting America on a Healthier Diet” and offers solutions to obesity by engaging the food industry. Read

Snack Food & Wholesale Bakery Magazine interview (8/24/09) - 27ºNorth principal offers food solutions to the obesity crisis in article titled “Fat Chance.” Read

BNET interview (5/27/09) - ’Stuffed’ Author Hank Cardello Says Industry Needs Wake-Up Call. Read

Food Engineering Magazine interview (5/27/09) – Hank Cardello posits that based on entrenched habits, “Could Food Processors Face the Same Fate as Automakers?” Read

Los Angeles Times interview (2/8/09) – Hank Cardello talks about his new book Stuffed, who’s making America fat and how to un-stuff the nation. Read

Good Morning America interview (1/24/09) - 27ºNorth founder Hank Cardello was interviewed about his new book Stuffed: An Insider’s Look at Who’s (Really) Making America Fat and discussed ways for consumers to enjoy popular foods and beverages to help manage weight. View

Future Food Items Might Be a Challenge for Copywriters (Not That Consumers Will Have an Easier Go of It) – Ad Age (1/26/09). Article notes Hank Cardello’s opinions on calorie control. Read PDF

Take the Fat Out of Your Food (just don’t tell anyone about it) – Ad Age (1/14/08). Article features Stealth Health strategy advanced by 27ºNorth founder Hank Cardello to make foods healthier without arousing consumer concerns regarding taste. Read

First Global Obesity Business Forum - UNC press release (10/31/07). Announcement of major initiative chaired by 27ºNorth principal Hank Cardello to bring major corporations such as Coca-Cola, McDonald’s and General Mills together with obesity experts to work on practical solutions to the obesity crisis. Read

Hormel Foods Corporation/Source Food Technology Joint Venture - Reuters (4/27/07). Highlights partnership forged by 27ºNorth principal Hank Cardello to market heart healthy omega-3 fatty acids for use in foods and beverages. Read

Hold the Cholesterol - Prepared Foods (9/05). Article highlights a proprietary use of phytosterols in frying oils and in combination with omega-3 fatty acids to lower cholesterol. Article cites 27ºNorth’s Cardello’s belief that it is incumbent upon food manufacturers to make healthier versions of food that still taste good. Read

Pharma Foods - Stagnito’s New Products Magazine (6/05). 27ºNorth founder Hank Cardello discusses new omega-3 combinations and trans fat free oils for heart health. Cardello philosophy of the food industry marketing healthier products without necessity for consumers to change their behavior is outlined. Read

Trimming Trans Fats - QSR Magazine (5/05). Hank Cardello of 27ºNorth talks about new trans fat free frying oil. Article notes Cardello’s mission to help people live longer. Read

SAD Made Better
- Nutraingredients (10/21/04). Hank Cardello talks about new healthier frying oils. Case is made that these kinds of invisible products are necessary to make the Standard American Diet (SAD) better. Read


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