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Assessment and Educational Tools  

Meeting corporate performance requirements and societal needs is complex and requires a different perspective and depth of understanding. We use a number of evaluation and educational approaches to determine the best course of action for your company. These include:

27ºNorth Navigational Plan – Our comprehensive, proprietary roadmap demonstrating how addressing a social crisis linked to your business, such as obesity, translates into an opportunity for enhanced profits and market position. The Navigational Plan systematically lays out all the issues to address, steps required, and sequencing strategies for your organization to profit from the changing market environment.

Brand Exposure Analysis (BEA) – The BEA is a measure of brand (or corporate) vulnerability. It assesses which brands in your portfolio are aligned or not with changing social and market pressures. It then presents a strategic game plan for prioritizing and re-focusing your portfolio for maximum profit, share and competitive advantage. In the case of obesity, you will learn which brands are best equipped to capitalize on concerns about obesity, which brands must be repositioned, which brands require re-tooling and which brands should move into harvest mode.

Foodonomics 101 – The quintessential course on how products, pricing and marketing practices influence the rising rates of obesity, and how you can modify your strategies to yield higher profits, competitive advantage and better results for your consumers and accounts.


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