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Solving the Obesity Crisis: Threat and Opportunity for the Food Industry

We have applied our methodology to a critical problem: The obesity crisis. This is an example of a broad societal problem that is threatening an industry (the food business) – yet at the same time presenting it with substantial new market opportunities. The food industry must solve the problem because:

    •  Educational programs have failed

    •  Government is not equipped to take the lead

    •  Consumers have not demonstrated an ability (or willingness) to change

    •  Impending regulations will hurt your bottom line unless you act

    •  Industry is the only one who can implement solutions that make sense

Our consulting process shows food executives why they must take the lead in fixing the obesity problem and how to do it. There is no blame attached. The food industry is the only party that can actually solve the problem…and increase revenue and profits by doing so. The soaring number of obese Americans, despite the billions of dollars spent on diets and diet books over the last few decades, testifies to this.

We do not limit our work to revamping the health profile of every product in your portfolio. Rather, we identify solutions that optimize your portfolio mix, margin structure and marketing practices – all of which improve your financials while serving your customers and society.

Using our proprietary approach, find out how your organization can enhance its key metrics while improving the well-being of your customers.



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