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Given the complexity of the issues facing corporations today, some clients decide to more rigorously identify and assess their opportunities. We can help you assess those opportunities and create the plans for pursuing them. Our consulting services fall into three categories:


  • Detailed Navigational Plans for capitalizing on strategically “healthier” opportunities.

  • Brand Exposure Analyses (BEAs) to align your brands with market shifts to healthier eating and to remove vulnerabilities.

  • Type-Mapping your brands, consumers and the competitive environment for maximum competitive advantage and differentiation.
Program & Policy Development
  • Assessment and development of marketing programs that improve financial performance and enhance your customers’ health.

  • Creation of corporate policies and marketing practices demonstrating that your company is taking a leadership role in addressing the obesity crisis.

Educational & Guidance

  • Foodonomics 101: Application of “healthy” profit principles to optimize your portfolio mix and marketing initiatives.

  • Health Pilot 101: Navigating health claims and the regulatory environment for beginners.

Consulting engagements typically last from one to six months and involve 27ºNorth principals and other industry experts.


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To find out more about how 27ºNorth can help your organization, please contact us at:

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