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Do you need a keynote speaker to explain the impact of the obesity crisis on your organization – and how to capitalize on it? We can deliver a compelling presentation to your organization about how to increase profits while making healthier products. 27ºNorth can prepare a keynote address tailored to your organization’s needs. Among the topics of current interest are:

General Industry

Fattening your profits by slimming down your customers. See how by modifying your marketing approaches, strategies, products and portfolios you can actually improve your bottom line while improving the well-being of consumers.

Using health as a strategy for competitive advantage. Healthier is not a dirty word. Learn how to leverage health as an offensive strategy to bypass your competitors.

Avoid the Coming Food Regulation Tsunami. Get a peek at what’s coming down the pike from government regulators and consumer advocates that will hurt your bottom line. Learn what you can do about it now.

Packaged Goods Firms

Icon brands on the endangered species list: avoiding obsolescence in the coming age of regulation. Regulators and consumer advocates are targeting many top-selling brands for extinction. Learn what you can do to protect those valuable assets.

Healthy practices that make your competitors more profitable. Learn how companies are profitably changing their practices, policies, products and portfolios to slim down their customers.

Avoiding the Either/Or Product Portfolio. The attacks on “bad” foods are multiplying. Learn how to re-configure your portfolio for lower calorie intake.

Artificial sweeteners: The cure for obesity? 27ºNorth has pushed the global obesity experts to establish a position on whether high caloric sweetened products or artificially sweetened ones are better. Learn their point of view and how it can be applied to your business.

Restaurant Chains

How purchasing agents are making us fat (and what we can do). It’s time to revisit restaurant decision-making models. You can make more money by making a few choice changes.

The new Foodonomics: Why healthier customers = healthier profits. Learn how to supersize and combo your way to better profits while improving your customer’s waistline.

Profitable ways to make our children healthier. Learn about new programs that will improve your bottom line while giving children better menu choices.

Rethinking Weapons of Mass Consumption (WMCs). Learn why the “more is better approach” will fail and hurt your business long term. Discover new ways to create value for your customers and improve your profits.

Stealth Health your way to healthier profits. Customers look for your icon menu offerings. There are (secret) ways to improve margins and make those products better for your customers.

Speaking sessions can also be combined with our one- to three-day workshops to provide a deeper understanding of how the obesity crisis will affect your organization and what you can do to flourish.


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