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Why 27˚North?  

We do not agree with the traditional wisdom that making money and doing the right thing for society are mutually exclusive. We discard either/or thinking and one-size-fits-all explanations. Those models are outdated. Rather, we unearth win-win solutions. Then we help you adapt your strategies, platforms, products, marketing programs and portfolios to help address a societal problem while improving your company’s financial and market performance.

We have held senior executive positions in the food, beverage and nutritionals industries—people who fully understand and subscribe to the need to maximize revenue, profit and market share. At the same time, we are passionate about making consumers healthier. And we are on the front lines with food advocates, public health organizations, regulators and product innovators so we understand the factors that can either negatively impact or catapult your business growth.

Our Current Focus: Solving the Obesity Crisis
The freewheeling world of late 20th century food marketing has created a consumer crisis of daunting proportions: obesity. High-calorie foods that please the palate and beverages that quench thirst, downed in “super-size-me” quantities, have fueled America’s problem with obesity, diabetes and heart disease. We refer to these food and beverage products as “weapons of mass consumption” (WMCs). Food, beverage and restaurant companies are under severe pressure from regulators, scientists, advocates and consumers to no longer market their WMCs with abandon.

Current business and marketing models have been laser-focused on standard metrics that no longer gauge real success. Market share, repeat purchase rates, sales and return on investment—and the product development and marketing practices that deliver them—can be damaging to customer health. The high rates of obesity, diabetes and heart disease clearly demonstrate this. Persuading consumers to eat larger quantities and more frequently is diametrically opposed to building a healthy, long-term relationship with your most loyal customers. Such practices decrease customer loyalty because they shorten lives. And we all know that higher customer churn erodes the bottom line.

By ignoring the consequences of practices that fuel obesity, corporations are exposed to several risks:

• Regulation – initiatives are now under review to tax certain foods and beverages or ban them outright. The impact to your bottom line can be catastrophic.

• Lost market share – some companies are already taking the lead in meeting changing consumer demand for healthier fare. Those firms who fail to adapt will lose customers and market position.

• Obsolescence – Many iconic brands have proud traditions of delivering memorable taste and are cash cows. However, their food is often not considered healthy and is a continuing target of health advocates. To ensure continued brand success, food companies must modify their product design and marketing practices to promote better-for-you food consumption.

Today’s model of success demands that corporations take custodianship over their customer’s well-being. Only by adopting a win-win model will food industry players fully realize the profit potential in keeping their customers healthy. In this area, the food industry is entering uncharted waters. Food companies need new strategies so they can sustain and increase profits in this challenging new business climate.

27ºNorth can show you how.

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